What is next for Tahoe Kidz?

As most of you know Tahoe Kidz was started in 2017, with the idea of making the search for activities a one stop shop. The frustration began when having to search many websites to get information and that sparked the idea of putting it all in one location, at that point Tahoe Kidz was born. We were delivering daily activities to your feeds and sharing events in our area, winter 2018 came along and that halted a lot of the information sharing. This gave some time to completely refresh our look and start brainstorming what is next for us.

This is completely a volunteer website and we would love to have more community support, how you may ask? You can send us activities and events that are coming up or you come across while out and about, if you are a local business – you can share upcoming deals or give us promo codes to give to our followers. We are always looking for partnerships to promote and do giveaways. Finally, we would love to add more guest bloggers for any kid related topics so if you are a nutritionist, child psychologists, teacher, crafter or simply want to share information that relates to our little minds being raised in or visiting Lake Tahoe that we can share to parents – we would love to hear from you!

This spring when we brought Erin to join our team to help with daily tasks, we went back to the drawing board on how to make this the best resource for parents in the North Lake Tahoe area. We would love your help and a few minutes of your time to fill out a brief survey to help guide the next steps in shaping the future of Tahoe Kidz. The purpose of this survey is to gather follower preferences and review our engagement for our blog, social media and make a plan for our future of communications to make TK your GO-TO resource for kid-friendly information. After all, our Tahoe Kidz are important and they are the next generation of our community and we want to make sure they are engaged with all the fun happenings in our area.

You can fill out our survey here!

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