Skiing during COVID

COVID Ski Season is underway…

We finally did it and got the kids out, one to get the wiggles out and two to get those first ski day kinks out of the way. We ski Northstar California Resort, many of you ski/ride at other places so please share in the comments what it’s like at your home resort and we can continue adding to this post. 

But back to Northstar…the plus side this year is parking is back to normal and free.  Skiing with kids is never easy, skiing during a pandemic well, I will share with you…

Two of the most important pieces: masks and make sure you have a reservation.  You will not be able to access the mountain without them. If you need to pick up your season pass, the season pass office has set up cones 6 feet apart and while the line looks long it goes by fast, I stood for about 20 minutes to get the little ones pass since ours came in the mail so plan ahead if you do need to do this.

One down side…there are no wagons anywhere in the village soooo mom or dad Sherpas will be a real thing this season (who am I kidding this is always true pandemic or not). Parents easiest way to do this is to carry a backpack and strap your kids skis on the back and don’t forget and extra pair of shoes plus snacks and all the other things you may need! 😅

Gondolas, seriously the best it’s worked ever in my personal opinion of course and I use to work at Northstar so I know how those lines look, it will be interesting to see during high season.  Again, spread 6 feet apart with plenty of wiggle room.  There is no maze inside the gondola building at this time so even though the line is long you are in a gondola in no time.  Plenty of touchless hand sanitizer dispensers are spread out throughout the village and mountain. Once you get to the gondola you place the skis in the gondola door yourself and it’s only your party can ride together.  Windows remain open and masks remain on and you go on your merry way to the hill. 

Skiing seems safe as usual, the only thing is the lift ops crew can no longer help your child on the chair. You still space yourself between the party in front of you. Get on the lift and go have fun responsibly of course. 

In the village, we did visit Starbucks for coffee before skiing,  the line is mostly outside and it’s one way, you enter by the ski rink and exit on the other side.  We also did pizza and salad take out at Rubicon, ordered online and picked up at the takeout window located in front of Mine.  

Overall, our first day of skiing went well and according to our little it was AWESOME.  So make your reservation, mask up, enjoy the snow and if you feel sick or have Covid like symptoms just stay home.  I sure hope that we all do this responsibly so we can keep skiing in our future for this winter season.

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