Change starts at home.

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Quotes, messages of support, black squares are flooding the internet right now in solidarity for a movement for change.  We are here to understand what and why this is happening in our country and why it has been allowed to happen for so long.  My feeds are flooded with quotes and statuses – this stood out, “I keep trying to find the right words to articulate all my emotions & nothing feels right. Here’s a couple I did find this weekend which sort of condenses the millions of words and thoughts floating around my brain in a positive way.  #begoodtopeople”  

Change starts at home and the most important thing is to talk about it to our littles. As a brown woman, I come from a melting pot where color was around me and color is and will always be beautiful, it is what made my upbringing special. I want to make sure that my littles understand that we are all important in this world. While we all have different backgrounds and ways of processing and learning, it is up to us as parents to have these open and honest dialogues with our kids. We have the opportunity to help shape the rhetoric for the future that has for so long haunted our history, especially with Black Lives Matter.

Here are some links and recommendations from some of the comments and posts about racial injustice, racism and white privilege that we’ve seen over the last few days. This is just the beginning. Let’s guide our future generations to lead with courage, to speak up, find the strength to do what is right and above all, have love for everyone.

Recommended children’s books:

Recommended resources:

Here are a few black-owned bookstores you can support:

Other ways to help can be found here!

I’ll leave you this quote:

“We need leaders not in love with money but in love with justice.  Not in love with publicity but in love with humanity” 

-Dr. Martin Luther King

(We will continue to add to this list if you send us your suggestions to our inbox)

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